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Lets Give 1 Million Boots!


ROMA Boots is on a Mission - Rather a MOVEMENT!

Our goal is to spread hope and love to some of the most vulnerable communities and children around the world. DID YOU KNOW that with every pair of boots purchased from ROMA Boots, a pair is donated to child in need?
In addition a percentage of Gross Sales are donated to the ROMA Foundation, to help build schools and learning centers for communities and children. The aim, is to create self-sufficiency, and sustainability. Our Rain Boots serve an immediate need, but education will save lives. There is an incredible need for proper footwear around the world, and ROMA Boots has helped tens of thousands of children in twenty five countries. But we need your help!
If you are wondering what you can do to help ROMA achieve our goal to donate 1 Million Boots by 2020, it's simple. Buy a pair of boots, donate to the ROMA Foundation, or simply spread the message of ROMA Boots to your friends and family through your own network or social media! Together, we can help #givepovertytheboot !


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